Riding a bike involves risks and can result in very serious injury or even death. The primary intention of this book is to help you improve your mountain bike skills and as a result, allow you to ride more difficult terrain faster, more safely and with more enjoyment. However, it is your responsibility to judge the inherent risks that arise when practicing and applying the tips and techniques in this book. Take responsibility for the quality and condition of your equipment: use a mountain bike that is built for the kind of riding that you do. Regularly check your bike for any mechanical defects. Wear a helmet that is approved for off road bicycle use. Wear additional protection depending on the type of terrain and the style of riding. Practice the techniques in this book in a safe environment, away from traffic.
Children are capable of riding mountain bikes but must be accompanied by an adult. Adults are advised to ensure that children in their care are riding safely, wearing adequate protection clothing and are in control of their bikes at all times. Some techniques in this book are not suitable for novice and/or underaged riders. Learn to ride your bike until you are competent enough to practice advanced techniques, or to ride in challenging terrain.
The author and contributors of this ebook do not accept any responsibility regarding content, errors, omissions or the correctness of the information contained in this publication. Use the information contained herein at your own risk. The owners and contributors are not responsible for any damage, loss or accident to you or to third-parties including loss of business, loss of sale, equipment or property damage, injury or death resulting from you or other third-parties using the information contained herein.

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